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Associate Ministers

  • Rev. Edward Biggins
  • Rev. Millie Biggins
  • Rev. Jesse Branson, Jr 
  • Rev. Jeffrey Ingram
  • Rev. James C. Wilkerson
  • Rev. Thurselle Williams

Our Official Board

Consist of Deacons, Deaconess, Trustees and the Church Clerk - *Notes Emeritus status.

As Christians, we are called to not only believe and love, but to serve. We believe that those that are called into leadership roles are equipped to believe, love and serve in a special way.

The Officers of our Church know, trust and believe that God has called them to love and serve everyone that is connected to the Church.

Our Officers work tirelessly on behalf of our Church and with Jesus in their hearts and minds to serve God's people, in God's house.

Executive Board

  • Rev. Dwight D. Gill, Pastor
  • Rev. Thurselle C. Williams, Executive Board
  • Deacon Barbara James, Chair
  • Deacon Min L. 'Roy' Herring , Vice Chair
  • Deaconess Martha Buford, Chair
  • Deaconess Lucille Wison, Vice Chair
  • Church Clerk- Wilda Hobbs



Deacon Barbara James, Chair

Deacon Samuel G. Cherrington

Deacon William T. Coleman

Deacon Larry Edwards

Deacon Philippe Guirand

Deacon Nathaniel Harrison*

Deacon Deriadre Brewster-Reyes

Deacon Bryant Adams



Deacon Min L. 'Roy' Herring, Vice

Deacon Eugene Pate*

Deacon Brenda Thurmond

Deacon John Williams

Deacon L.A. Williams*

Deacon John R. Williams

Deacon Beryl Holbert




Deaconess Martha Buford, Chair

Deaconess Lucille Wilson, Vice

Deaconess Lillie White

Deaconess Patricia Williams*

Deaconess Marie Harvey*

Deaconess H. Joan Harrison*

Deaconess Frances L. Holmes*

Deaconess Katie Sue Parker

Deaconess Catherine Pate*

Deaconess Geraldine Coleman







Trustee Idell Germany

Trustee Benjamin Johnson


Walking Trustees

Dumas Barreau

Anthony McLeod


Trustee Jeanette Parker


CHURCH CLERK                                               Wilda Hobbs

Finance Committee

The members of the Finance Committee, Deacon Samuel G. Cherrington, Trustee Idell Germany and Trustee Jeanette Parker; meet weekly to discuss and address the Church's finances all disbursement requests and invoices are addressed during these meetings. The Finance Committee are the authorized signatures of all checks, with a least three (3) signatures required for each check.

All disbursement requests must be submitted at least three (3) weeks in advance of the need for approvals.

Disbursement Request forms are available on this website or by calling or visiting the Church Office and requesting it.