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When I Need


To schedule an appointment with the Pastor


The Church Office Staff
(973) 678-6710

To speak with a Deacon

Contact Deacon of The Week

To request Transportation for Bible Study or Worship




Transportation Voicemail
(973) 678-6710 x306



Ask a general question

The Church Office Staff
(973) 678-6710


Ask about a meeting/


The Church Office Staff
(973) 678-6710

Dr.'s Appt. Transportation

Must speak to Staff member
(973) 678-6710 - min. 24 hr notice




Lay Counseling Ministry
(973) 678-6710


The Church Office Staff is here to assist you and is happy to do so. We welcome your questions and the opportunity to serve.

Rev. Dwight D. Gill, Pastor                                          pastor@newhopeofeastorange.org

Ramona Adams, Office Manager                              office@newhopeofeastorange.org

Alivia Wright, Administrative Assistant                    frontdesk@newhopeofeastorange.org

Rhonda Jones, Financial Analyst                                finance@newhopeofeastorange.org